March 11, 2022

How to Determine the Quality of 3D Architectural Rendering Services in Singapore When Contacting Agencies

Photo by Lance Anderson on Unsplash 

Adding to Singapore’s development over the last 40-50 years, our urban planning projects continue to grow as real estate in Singapore moves to a more eco-friendly and sustainable path. As we move into a post-pandemic world after a couple of years on the breaks, Singapore continues to evolve and build new residential estates, shopping malls, commercial buildings and tourist landmarks. Architects, designers and constructors work together to bring these buildings from pen and paper to life. With our advanced technology today, mere sketches can be turned into realistic prototypes through 3D architectural rendering. 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore have become an essential tool for the local real estate market to turn drawings into reality. 

Introduction to 3D Architectural Rendering 

From the sketches and blueprints of an architectural designer, rendering technology uses software to turn these designs into 3D-like images that look photorealistic. The measurement of the sketches are also drawn to scale in the 3D renders to ensure accurate reproduction of the blueprints. 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore are especially helpful for buildings that have yet to be built but are in the process of designing. The rendered images are completely staged with realistic materials from wood, bricks and concrete walls to tilings of different variations. 3D renders not only visualise the interior of a building, it can also design the exterior and aerial views of the building to envision what it would look like within its surrounding landscape. Rendering agencies offer these services to construction and architecture firms but like all outsourced work, quality should never be overlooked when choosing the best agency for your project

Why Good Quality 3D Renders Are Important 

If you think quality is something you can compromise on, think again. These are some reasons why you should only reach out to agencies that offer professional and skilled rendering services.

1. Reputation

When clients are looking to outsource an architect for their construction project, they want to trust that they will do a job well done. While architects can create blueprints and sketches of high quality, the end results of their rendering images must also reflect the same quality of their blueprints. As the renders are the main visualisation reference point for your clients, you definitely want the quality to be of the same standard as your designs to maintain a good reputation. As an architecture firm, you want to choose a 3D rendering agency wisely to bring your sketches to life. 

2. Efficient planning to execution process

A great advantage of 3D renders is that designers can visualise the end product and point out any issues before the construction process. 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore can help organisations in the real estate sector by speeding up the designing process and moving on to the next step of construction. However, bad quality renders can cause delays in the designing process when issues cannot be identified. Choosing an experienced agency that produces quality renders will ensure an efficient working system that saves time and cost.

3. Road to success

Architecture designing and 3D rendering come hand in hand when selling a concept to a client. While designers have the creative and technical skills to lay the foundation of an architectural design, it is the visualisation of good quality renders that catch the attention of others. By bringing your sketches to life, future clients can use them as a benchmark of your skills to further your reach and success. If your renders don’t have the same quality as your sketches, clients are less likely to approach you for projects in the long run. 

What to Look Out for to Determine the Quality of 3D Renders 

Before hiring an agency for 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore, it’s important to look through their portfolio and access their past works. Here are some features to look out for in their portfolio pieces to identify quality work from renders that are of a lower standard. 


As renders aim to create a photorealistic image of any space, the lighting in a 3D render should look as natural as possible. The surrounding items in the render should also cast realistic shadows according to the position of the main light source. Look out for any shadows that may be out of place. For exterior renders, the sun as the light source should bounce off buildings realistically as the point of exterior renders is to view the building in its natural surroundings at different hours of the day. 


The angle the render is viewed from should have a straight line of path to view all aspects of the space without taking attention away from the architectural design. The angle should not be too high or low but placed at standing height to mimic a realistic point of view. For exterior and aerial renders, the angle may change slightly. Exterior views are usually taken from a standing point and are tilted upwards to follow an eye line when looking at a building from the ground up. An aerial render will feature a bird’s eye view from a top-down angle but the building’s design should still be the main focus.


A good quality render will seem as realistic as possible. To assess this, look into the finer details and textures of objects. For example, high quality renders will feature the texture of the sofa material or add in the sheen of a marble countertop. When an agency puts in more time to define the details, they are likely to submit high-quality work. 


Some clients may request adding people into the rendered environment to create a realistic image of their construction and its surroundings. However, adding people requires balancing colours, saturation and contrast. These figures in the background should look natural and blend into the rest of the render instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. A good quality render will fuse the people and the environment to create a cohesive image overall. 

Photo by Souro Souvik on Unsplash

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