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DBS Newton Green

DBS Newton Green, as Singapore's first net-zero building developed by a bank, represents a remarkable feat in sustainable architecture. In today's digital age, virtual tours have emerged as a powerful tool for showcasing architectural marvels. By embracing virtual tours, DBS Newton Green can transcend geographical limitations and reach a global audience. Potential visitors from around the world can explore the building's sustainable features, innovative design, and eco-friendly technologies without the need for physical travel. This accessibility significantly enhances the building's exposure, fostering interest and admiration from international communities passionate about sustainable development. Users can navigate through DBS Newton Green's various spaces, virtually inspect its green features, and engage with informative content such as pop-up information boxes, videos, and 360-degree views. This immersive experience enables users to develop a deeper understanding of the building's sustainability initiatives and appreciate its architectural nuances. DBS Newton Green, as a pioneering net-zero building, serves as an educational platform for sustainable practices. Students, educators, researchers, and sustainability enthusiasts can benefit from virtual tours by accessing educational content related to the building's eco-friendly systems, renewable energy sources, and sustainable design principles.

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German Centre

The German Centre Singapore is a business and trade promotion platform established by the German government. It offers a range of services and support to companies, including office space rental, business development assistance, networking opportunities, and access to market information and resources. The German Centre in Singapore gained a variety of advantages from virtual tours, improving its overall operations and value proposition. Virtual tours provide distant visitors a chance to learn more about the resources and services offered by the German Centre without really being there. As a result, the German Centre may reach a larger audience and potentially pique the interest of more prospective customers, partners, and investors. Moreover, virtual tours can enhance the German Centre's marketing efforts, where it can showcase its office spaces, amenities, and business support services in a visually compelling manner. Virtual tours also save time and resources for both the German Centre and its clients. Instead of scheduling in-person tours for every interested party. In conclusion, virtual tours have the potential to greatly benefit the German Centre in Singapore.

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