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Make Your Business Virtually Visible Almost Anywhere With a 360 Degree Virtual Tour!

At The Red Marker, we help your business stand out by creating immersive visual stories. With integrated maps, videos, custom navigation, and graphics, we will compile interactive 360-degree virtual tour content to amplify your marketing strategy. This will help you engage with more customers and attract more leads. Our professional team has expertise in creating high-quality virtual tours in Singapore, ensuring a seamless and integrated virtual experience for you. We do our best to craft effective and well-designed visual stories, so that you can be involved as little or as much as you like. 

Ready to get started? Upgrade your business with our professional. Google Virtual Tours Services in Singapore


Experience our 360° Virtual Tours in Virtual Reality on mobile

Take your online tour to the next level and experience immersive and captivating visuals through virtual reality technology. Using a VR headset (for example, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard) and a compatible smartphone, you can view a virtual tour as you physically stand and walk around a projected space. Instead of manually adjusting your mobile device, the virtual reality tour navigates according to the user’s movements, allowing the user to virtually experience 360 views with just a turn of the head. No matter the time or place, your online tour can transport your audience into a virtual world for an incredibly unique perspective. 

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What our clients say

breadtalk IHQ + virtual tour singapore
"The Red Marker team has been most helpful to assist us in setting up the Google Business View. The virtual tours enable us to showcase BreadTalk IHQ as a lifestyle and dining hub in the north-east, especially to customers who haven’t had a chance to visit our mall before. This allows customers to preview the range of F&B outlets as well as lifestyle services that we have to offer wherever they are."
Leong Huey Min
Assistant Brand Manager of BreadTalk IHQ
singapore poly + virtual tour singapore
"Engaging them has been an amazing experience. They kept their company nimble and efficient in order to provide their services at a much lower cost than what competitors have quoted. Also, their flexibility and "can-do" spirit is evident especially when i had to handle more than 80 location shoots."
Sean Goh
Webmaster of Singapore Polytechnic
putien + virtual tour singapore
"Awesome great team to collaborate with! They are approachable, responsive, helpful and resourceful. High quality of virtual reality tours delivered too! They deserve a thumbs up! Keep it up!:)"
Chloe Koh
Brand Executive of Pu Tien Restaurant
harry's + virtual tour singapore
"The Red Marker is run by a great team who are really efficient and professional. Despite the challenges/ curve balls thrown at them, they will always readily overcome it and resolve the issues for us. Working with them is really a breeze!"
Nataline Chui
Marketing Executive of Harry's International
marcella + virtual tour singapore
"Easy, breezy process. Photos were of good quality. Kyler was also helpful in assisting us and adhering to our needs. Will recommend any business owner to get your GoogleView with The Red Marker."
Sheryl Yeo
Marketing of Marcell Holdings
alkaff mansion + virtual tour singapore
"Amazing service, they were very prompt from the start to end and were very professional in their craft!

Also super knowledgeable :). Very happy with the final Google Virtual Tour products and its accompanying panoramic images!"
Lau Kia Yong
Marketing Manager of 1-Group Pte Ltd


How does your company help in creating 360 Virtual Tours in Singapore?

We are a specialised team of experts which includes professional photographers and designers who can produce high quality 360 panoramas and produce user friendly virtual tours and virtual environment for your business in Singapore. A typical process will include:

1. Planning Stage - where we do a few rounds of discussion to understand about the user journey, venues to be featured and confirm the most relevant custom features for your end user
2. UI/UX Design Stage (optional) - where we produce wireframes and prototypes before moving into the development stage. Usually only required for huge projects that require a custom design interface.
3. Photography Stage - where we schedule a photo-shoot session at your venue using DSLR professional cameras.
4. Development stage - where you will put together all the 360 images and design framework to produce the 360 Virtual Tours. 

How much does your company charge for Virtual Tours services?

Our fees will depend on the size of your venues, number of venues, layout, and the kind of custom features to include. Usually, our sales representatives will ask for your requirements and floor plans in order to provide you with an estimate. In most cases, we propose a site visit in order to have a better understanding of the amount of work required to produce your interactive virtual tours in Singapore.

For what purpose are Matterport 3D models used for? 

Matterport is an excellent tool in producing a low-poly 3D model of your venue and integrating this with a virtual walkthrough. One of the biggest advantages of Matterport is their 3D dollhouse feature (3D model) where you can have a birds eye view of the entire space. Another useful feature of Matterport is the measuring tool which allows you to measure any object in the 3D model. For the above reasons, we strongly recommend this model for real estate properties and especially for real estate developers and real estate agents in Singapore. Your customers and potential clients can easily have an immersive experience via a virtual walk through your commercial spaces, hotel rooms or other types of real estate projects that are still under construction or in the planning phase.

How is a Google 360 Degree Virtual Tour useful for my business?

Google’s Street View technology has been around for a long time and we have been helping local businesses in creating Google Indoor Street View since 2013. This is usually extremely helpful for local businesses to showcase their interior space and store surroundings. This will be published on Google Search and Maps and a Google user can easily find your store location easily and instantly get a better look of your space.

What are the deliverables of my 3D/ 360 Virtual Tour?

Most of our clients choose to host their interactive virtual tours with us for a more hassle-free process. In this case, the 360 degree virtual tour will be accessible via an URL and you will also be able to embed the virtual tour on your website using an iframe code.

In other cases, we can also provide you the necessary files and assets for hosting. You will then require to purchase hosting and domain to display the content. We can also assist you and your IT colleague to ensure the files are uploaded correctly.

Do we have the option to export the 3D Virtual Tour

Yes, we can provide you with a download link to access all the files and assets for safekeeping.

What is the difference between Matterport 3D Scanning and 360 Virtual Tours?

Matterport is an excellent tool in producing a low-poly 3D model of your venue and integrating this with a virtual walk through. One of the biggest advantages of Matterport is their 3D dollhouse feature (3D model) where you can have a birds eye view of the entire space. Another useful feature of Matterport is the measuring tool which allows you to measure any object in the 3D model. However, it has many limitations. One of the key disadvantages is the inability to edit any of the 360 degree photos. This means that we won’t be able to mask faces or digitally remove any objects in the photos. This also means that we won’t have the control over the image quality. While we are using the latest Matterport Pro2 Camera, the image resolution and quality is not comparable to 360 panoramas taken using DSLR crop frame or full frame cameras. Aside from that, Matterport has a fixed interface and will not allow any customization to its look.

For the above reasons, we recommend our clients to choose 360 Virtual Tours if they are looking to produce premium high quality 360 panoramas. Not only will the image quality be tip-top, we are also able to use CSS to customize the UI/UX interface as well as unique user interactions. This way, we can be sure that your interactive virtual tour is unique in the market.

Can you add furniture and humans in an empty venue? 

Yes, we are able to shoot an empty venue and then render furniture, decorations and humans in it. This can be used by real estate developers and sellers to liven up a house, venue rental companies to mock up a banquet setting or even a concert hall.

Contact us to learn more about our 360 Virtual Staging services.

Can the 360 Virtual Tour be converted into a Virtual Reality Tour?

Yes, the 360 Virual Tours created by The Red Marker can include a VR mode on mobile version so that the user can view it on Virtual Reality headsets for a more immersive experience. Some of the compatible VR headset includes Google Cardboard, Oculus Quest 2, Odyssey VR and more.

We would like to create a virtual event. How can I make use of your services?

We have worked with numerous event partners to create virtual environment events. This can include a members’ login process, 3D modelling of event booths, products and venue. Each event is unique and we can plan it based on your requirements.

Our property has not been built yet. Can we still use your services to allow our customers to visualise the space?

Yes, we can render the building and interior space if we can have the architectural and elevation drawings of your property in Singapore.

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