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Google Virtual Tour, Street View

Hire a Google trusted pro to boost your visibility on Google platforms

Draw In Customers 24/7 With Google Virtual Tour

As the #1 search engine worldwide, Google has integrated their Google Map Virtual Tour onto their site to help businesses engage with prospective clients at any time of the day. Using the same technology as Google Maps, businesses can easily set up a Google Virtual Tour for their clients to interact and connect with their establishments. 

At The Red Marker, we are dedicated to helping you create an immersive experience for your customers with our comprehensive services and skills. We shoot, edit and publish Google Map Virtual Tours for any businesses that are looking to boost their sales through this interactive marketing strategy. 

How It Works

A simple and cost-effective marketing strategy

Google tours simulate a 360 panoramic view of any space through multiple imaging where various shots of the space are stitched together into one cohesive view. In many Google Virtual Tour examples, a company’s virtual tour is linked to their business listing on Google. This allows any interested customers to view all your information on just one page from address to reviews. With prospective clients searching through your establishment on the search engine site, a Google Virtual Tour guarantees easy access into your space as well as an added lucrative digital marketing tool without having to plan a sales pitch!

Services We Offer

Our team of highly skilled professionals provide an extensive list of services 

Visualise This…

Google compiled a survey in 2016 to understand internet habits and the demand for virtual tours. The results returned to show that consumers have a clear interest in businesses that add a 360 tour into their Google listing. Following this, big brands like Facebook launched 360 and 3D photos as Virtual Reality gained a steady prominence online. These figures have since increased as we continually immerse ourselves into the digital age of today.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Having a Google Map Virtual Tour has proven to generate more benefits, clients and profits as the nature of its engaging and interactive form is highly attractive to prospective clients. If you’re still on the fence, here are some Google virtual tour examples and reliable statistics on the success of 360 tours. 

google map virtual tour

Businesses with search listings are

  • 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable
  • More likely to be used than businesses without a listing.
  • 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them

Power of media-rich listings

  • When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time
  • Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest
  • On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit
google virtual tour example

The Benefits of Having a Google Virtual Tour

Having a virtual tour has become the ultimate digital marketing strategy for businesses

Cost-Effective Passive Marketing

A virtual tour is the perfect positioned advertisement that only requires a one-time shoot and payment but delivers lasting profit-driven content. A Google virtual tour cost is incredibly affordable when put beside the possible output that it can generate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No extra cash will need to be pumped in once your tour is published on Google. 

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Virtual tours provide a great SEO strategy as it has proven to increase clicks and views to sites. When more visitors spend time on your web page viewing a 360 tour, your business will rise in ranks on the search engine site. A boost in digital traffic and views will draw in a bigger audience and even bigger sales.

Engage And Draw Customers In

360 tours can catch the attention of tech-savvy clients who are known to have a short attention span. Virtual tours tend to draw customers in because they provide needed information that prospective clients are looking for. Its interactive interface also maintains their interest and curiosity for your brand.

Provide Transparency

Proving legitimacy online is important for customers to trust your brand and business. A Google Virtual Tour can do just that by showcasing your space online without having to view it in person. The convenience and credibility of a virtual tour can make prospective clients focus on your business as well as help you narrow down your target audience.

Beat Your Competition

Having a Google tour on your business listing can make your brand rank over your competitors on Google. The search engine recognises virtual tours and prioritises companies that have embedded them over other similar establishments without a virtual tour. 360 tours are also optimised to view on various devices from mobiles to tablets to allow clients to navigate your venue seamlessly.

Convert Leads Into Sales

With the combination of SEO, engagement and transparency, having a 360 tour on your Google listing can help prospective clients make a more informed decision. These factors are more likely to get customers to book with you, successfully bring in a sale without the need for a sophisticated sales pitch. 

Who Can Gain From a Google Tour?

Virtual tours can benefit a range of industries on a global scale.

Tourism & Hospitality

Showcasing your hotel or art exhibition through a virtual tour can sell a luxe space to make it more attractive and inviting before viewing it in person. The tourism industry is all about experiences, and a Google Map Virtual Tour allows prospective clients to immerse themselves in the space. 

Food & Beverage (F&B)

Having a visual aid for cafes and restaurants that have stunning interiors is a great selling point to invite customers in. It allows them to view your joint and also stands out from your competitors.

Education Providers

Schools and institutions can reach out to vast groups of international and local students by providing a visual tour of their campus. Promote your facilities and special features on a global scale without needing to schedule in-person tours. 


Opening and closing hours don’t matter when you can promote your shop 24/7 through a virtual tour. Prospective customers will be able to locate your boutique online to make the shopping experience more accessible and seamless. 

Fitness Studios

Gyms and fitness studios can target prospective clients by showcasing their professional equipment and professional studios online. Customers who are looking to sign up for a membership can browse through your space to make an informed decision. 

Nature Parks

Hikers and picnic-goers appreciate a virtual tour of nature parks, which can help navigate their route before starting their journey. For scenic botanical views, sightseers can tour the grounds online before deciding to visit them in person

View a Virtual Tour Anywhere, Anytime

Allow customers to navigate around your venue before experiencing it in person 

360 tours are optimised to be viewed on any device from mobile phones and desktops to tablets. Anyone can experience an interactive tour without extra apps, software or downloads.

3D Virtual Tour vs Google Virtual Tour

What’s the difference?

3D Virtual Tours can create a simulation of a place or product that has yet to be developed using blueprints and sketches. Its high-quality modelling techniques are most commonly used in the real estate industry for companies that are selling a property that has yet to be built. Its aerial panoramas and navigation features can aid prospective clients and buyers when deciding on a future home.

On the other hand, a Google Virtual Tour integrates a 360 virtual tour into Google’s Street View interface and is targeted to view existing spaces. It also helps optimise and boost your business as it is available online anytime through the search engine site. 

We Are a Google Trusted Agency

Certified and verified by Google 

As a Google trusted partner, we aim to provide professional and high-quality virtual tours to our clients and partners. With our Google trained and certified photographers, we specialise in 360 photography, videos and editing to provide only the best tours and experiences. Together with our excellent equipment, we help businesses in real estate, hospitality, education, retail and more to develop an immersive experience for their customers online.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business Further?

We at The Red Marker are a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to build your brand’s presence online and showcase your business to the world. For enquiries on Google Virtual Tour costs and packages, feel free to get in touch with us for the highest quality virtual tours in Singapore

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