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360° & 3D Virtual Rendering and 3D Modeling

Visualize a non-existent space or product and convert it into digital assets

360° & 3D Virtual Rendering

360° & 3D Virtual Rendering is a modern solution used to visualize a space or product that does not exist or is still under development. We convert blueprints and sketches into 3D assets and produce 360° panoramas which can be built into a virtual walkthrough.

Our 3D assets are produced professionally by our designers using 3D softwares such as Blender, 3ds Max and VRay. The process usually starts with having our designers to set up a scene based on your specifications. High quality modeling techniques will be used to add material, texture, lighting and other properties to ensure that we produce a photorealistic environment. After which, our designers will set up camera s at eye-level within the 3D software to extract 360 panoramas. Finally, these panoramas will be used to build an interactive virtual tour for your intended audience!

Feel free to view some of our renderings below!

Example 1: Virtual Caravan Park

If you run a static caravan park or a camper or rent out caravans to vacationers, our 3D virtual tours and 360-degree panoramas provide the perfect medium to showcase your caravan park or motorhomes in a whole new way. When combined with virtual reality, our 3D spherical rendering services provide your potential client an immersive and unique experience.

In this project, we worked with our client's blueprint to create a 3D model of the Caravan Park and extracted two aerial panoramas and four panoramas at unique spots in the park. To build a user-friendly 360 virtual tour, we used a navigation menu to help user find the various unqiue spots and integrated a 2D floor plan for better visualization.

Take a look and have fun in this 3D virtual tour!

Example 2: Virtual Art Exhibition

Whether organized as a stand-alone event or in conjunction with your physical event, a virtual art exhibition is the best way to attract more visitors, reduce costs, and boost sales. At The Red Marker, our next-generation virtual tours provide a spell-binding, fully immersive experience for your art exhibition, unlike any potential client has ever witnessed before. 

In this project, we created a 500 sqm exhibition space based on our client's preference in interior design, a mix between a minimalistic gallery and touch of homeliness. As part of HCA Hospice Care's "A Good Day" project, this exhibition is used to display all the artwork done by one of their patients.

Take a look and explore the gallery below!

3D Modeling & Photogrammetry

As part of our rendering process, we may require to produce 3D models of products or objects in a 3D scene. We are able to convert still photos of an object into true 3D assets without the need of an expensive scanner. This can be achieved by using photogrammetry techniques or simply from product specifications.

This is specially useful for businesses who would like to build a virtual showroom selling products as a sales tool or a history museum looking to showcase their collection of art pieces, animal specimens or artefacts.

Example: 3D Products

3D product illustration and rendering is a solution for businesses looking to convert their idea into an online prototype. This usually help companies to save cost as opposed to producing a physical prototype in real world. In this demo below, we used one static image of a bicycle and produce a 3D model of it. You may click and drag, rotate, zoom in and out of the model to look at details, texture and material of the 3D model. Enjoy!

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