January 7, 2022

5 Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services in Singapore

Photo by Souro Souvik on Unsplash 

With the boom of real estate and the growth in construction and architectural projects, the need for 3D rendering services in Singapore is in demand. If you own a construction company, keeping your workflow going while also improving the different sectors of your business can be tough. With so much on your plate, CEOs and entrepreneurs must be open to getting help from others so that they can concentrate on what’s important. The pandemic has shown us how easy it is to manage a business online and has also led to many companies reducing their headcount and even giving up a physical office space altogether. This is because outsourcing work has become a new norm and can benefit businesses in the long run, especially financially. With 3D rendering being a vital part of the real estate and construction industry, outsourcing it to 360 virtual tour agencies can also prove to benefit CEOs in their overall work system.

What Is 3D Rendering and Why Is It Needed?

3D rendering is an important step before the construction of a building or an estate. It works by digitising blueprints and sketches of an architectural project into a three-dimensional virtual tour that can be viewed from all angles. 3D renders are able to bring both the interior and exterior of a building to life as they can also add in the needed flooring and wall materials such as wooden vinyl and brick walls. Exterior renders can visualise the shadows and lighting of natural light as it hits the building while interior renders depict the feasibility of a space. For constructions that are built amidst other buildings, aerial views are also available to envision the synergy of your architecture within its surrounding space. 

With its life-like technology, companies like interior designing firms and the construction sector require 3D rendering services in Singapore to target the local and international market with stunning visuals. Firstly, it helps their associates visualise the end product of their construction and make the needed changes to minimise mistakes and save on cost. It also helps with reeling in investors with a realistic product to ensure confidence in your projects. Lastly, properties that have yet to be built can be booked out with just 3D renders as the 360 views create trust in potential buyers. Knowing the importance of 3D rendering, why exactly is it better to outsource this service to rendering agencies?

5 Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Rendering Services in Singapore 

1. Saves you time

As an owner of a company, the most efficient and viable way of running a business is delegating work to professionals, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business such as increasing growth and profits. By hiring in-house employees for rendering projects, you may need to keep track of their progress and possibly micro-manage them if the work is not up to par. With all the time put into ensuring your employees are on track, this can take time away from more important sectors of running a business. With outsourced agencies, these professionals will get the work done with minimal check-ins, allowing you to have peace of mind while concentrating on what matters. 

2. Reduces cost when running a business

One thing the pandemic has shown us is that businesses can reduce their cost significantly by outsourcing work. As an owner, you should not expect your business to be booming all year round. There are definitely off-peak months where projects are not as active as usual. However, having in-house employees would mean having to pay them even when they’re not working on any active projects. Outsourcing work is a money-saving solution, which only requires you to fork out cash when you have an active project. This also means not needing to put in extra cash on employee benefits or bonuses. 

3. Work with experienced professionals 

Many companies make the mistake of hiring less experienced employees in order to save costs. Not only will this slow down the efficiency of your business, no company wants to deliver work that is not of a high standard, which could risk their reputation. By outsourcing 3D rendering services in Singapore, you get to work with agencies that employ experienced professionals who ensure your project is in good hands. Especially if these agencies specialise in this niche, you will not have to worry about receiving a low-quality submission. 

4. Get the best and latest software

3D rendering is a service that requires the most up-to-date technology and software. Especially when rendering software is constantly updating and improving,  it is important to offer your clients quality images and renders to maintain your professionalism and reputation. Outsourced agencies constantly keep up with the latest rendering software and employ skilled professionals that are experienced and qualified to create clear rendered images using the latest technology. 

5. Lesser revisions and higher satisfaction 

While cheaper employees are great at saving costs, it can also be frustrating when a project requires more time to complete than it should. The risk that comes with hiring less experienced employees is lower quality work, which could also affect your clients and partners if your work does not satisfy them. If more revisions are needed, more time is wasted, reducing the efficiency of your business. When you outsource 3D rendering services in Singapore, the workflow system is a much quicker and clearer one where the agency gets the work done promptly and will probably require minimal revisions once you have approved the renders.

Photo by Constantin Wenning on Unsplash

Running a business is not an easy task but it has also never been easier to partner with outsourced agencies and manage your company completely online. Not only does outsourcing 3D rendering services in Singapore reduce your headcount and financial output, it also ensures quality work and efficiency. With all outsourced work, it’s important to look through the agency’s portfolio and past clients before diving into a partnership. If you need quality rendering services, get in contact with The Red Marker to digitise your blueprints into realistic 3D images.