November 19, 2021

3 Businesses That Can Benefit from 3D Architectural Rendering Services in Singapore

Photo by Danist Soh on Unsplash

With our ever-developing globalised world, architecture is almost impossible to escape. Architectural services are needed in many aspects of life, whether it’s in the home you live in or the mall that you visit weekly. The process of designing a home, an office or a hotel into a materialised construction requires a creative blueprint as its design foundation. Architecture is a very visual form that requires in-depth details and planning to bring an idea to life. A basic pen and paper sketch is not enough for a viable and profitable construction. With the constantly changing landscape in technology, the creative visuals of architectural sketches have become digitised for an enhanced preview of any space. This is done through architectural rendering where blueprint designs can be easily accessed in a realistic virtual model. Find out more about this progressive technology and if your business can benefit from 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore. 

What Is 3D Architectural Rendering? 

3D architectural rendering is able to transform blueprints and designs into a three-dimensional image for a lifelike experience. This service is especially helpful to visualise the end product of a building or interior as the 3D software is able to add materials like flooring boards, tiling and furnishings into the space. An experienced rendering agency can also add in visual effects and tweak the lighting and shadow in the 3D image to make the model look as realistic as possible.

By taking advantage of 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore, you can approach an experienced agency to create the interior, exterior and even aerial views of your blueprint design. Interior views are great to visualise furnishing, flooring and the workability of the space in a building. Exterior renders build the construction to fit into its surrounding environment. You will be able to view how the natural light and shadows translate to the exterior of the building. Finally, an aerial view allows a bird’s eye preview of the building as it is surrounded by nearby landscapes to view the synergy of the construction from a dynamic perspective. With every angle provided, these 3D models are able to create very realistic, digitised images of a building that has yet to be constructed. 

Benefits of 3D Architectural Rendering

1. Develop and visualise design ideas accurately 

The main idea of architectural rendering is to bring sketches and drawings to life. As visual creatures, having an accurate representation of a model can spark further design ideas. It also immediately draws more attention, helping your model stand out from possible competitors. 

2. Identify issues early to reduce cost

With a visual preview of a design, a team will be able to work and collaborate together to point out any problems in the design before the construction process. 3D rendering gives businesses the ability to make changes and tweaks as much as they need to ensure that no money is lost due to incorrect designing and measurements. 

3. Share design with partners  

A large part of many businesses is reeling investors to accumulate capital to build your development. In order to entice partners, it is important to present them with an attractive and accurate depiction of your construction model to pull them into your project. Furthermore, a 3D rendered model is much easier to walk investors through as compared to just paper and pen sketches. 

Businesses That Can Benefit from 3D Architectural Rendering

Interior designing firms

Interior designing is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing layout and design of any space. When it comes to aesthetics, realistic graphics are always needed to sell your design. Interior decorating firms or independent creatives who have experience in pen to paper sketching can leverage 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore to bring their visions to life. Interior materials such as flooring, ceiling and beams can be rendered to create a life-like model of the space. In today’s era, clients are always looking for an innovative way to view their envisioned interiors and pen and paper sketches just won’t do the trick. From a rendered graphic, clients can then communicate their needs and changes for a smoother relationship. 

Residential Real Estate

When it comes to residential rest estate projects in Singapore such as HDB flats or condominiums, buyers are a key part of the process to ensure there is enough capital to get the construction started. However, buying a property is something that buyers do not ever want to rush into as it’s a pricey investment. Real estate companies have a tough job as they have to sell their property and pull buyers in even before their homes are built. Fortunately, 3D architectural rendering is a great tool to entice a buyer to put down a deposit. Its ability to design a realistic interior of a home helps buyers make a conscious decision and can even attract those that weren’t convinced before. It can provide the interior of the rooms as well as the exterior of the entire apartment. Despite not having a completed property as a reference point, a 3D rendered model is as close as it gets! 

Commercial Architectural Projects 

Big buck projects like commercial buildings such as hotels and shopping malls are very reliant on investors. But no partner will want to put in their money into a construction that they don’t think will be profitable. In order to prove the potential of a building, not only are numbered charts and tables beneficial, visuals and graphics have a high chance of selling an idea. With the technology to create a rendered model from all angles of the building, investors will be able to view their asset from its interior to a bird’s eye view. 

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

The pandemic has proven that technology is the future and without it, many businesses will get left behind. 3D rendering services are a great investment that utilises up to date technology to land you clients, investors and ultimately, profits. To ensure you’re getting quality work at the best price, approach an experienced agency that provides 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore to begin your digitisation journey.