October 22, 2021

3 Reasons Why 3D Rendering Services in Singapore Are Needed During a Pandemic

Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng from Unsplash

The pandemic has that the digital wave and state of the art technology are tools that are helping businesses push through these changing times. While some industries may still be struggling, it is inevitable to move online as our world is becoming more and more digitised. What happens to businesses and industries that usually require in-person meetings? How do they continue to bring in sales without risking health and safety? With our constantly evolving technology, virtual reality has made it possible to digitise buildings, layouts and products into realistic visuals. We’re not talking about static images or videos of already built constructions. Imagine creating a realistic 3D design out of your mere imagination and blueprints. Through 3D rendering, a 3D model of your property or product that has yet to be created can be produced before taking your business to the next stage. Find out why you need 3D rendering services in Singapore and how they can benefit your business. 

What is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering is the process of taking blueprints or sketches and turning them into wireframe models of usable images using 3D software. These rendered images can then be stitched together and compiled to create an animation or a 360 view of it. Imagine having an architectural blueprint of a property and wanting to see a realistic end product of your constructed building with coloured backdrops and fitted furnishings. A professional renderer will be able to use visual effects such as lighting, shading and shadows to create the most realistic 3D model. Using a 3D software, prototypes of all sizes from large buildings to tiny products can be converted from mere 2D drawings and brought to life through an animation 360 virtual tour

When searching for 3D rendering services in Singapore, a professional agency will begin the process by creating a realistic model using any sketches or blueprints given by the client. This will require software such as Blender and VRay to add specific materials and create realistic textures. Once the model is completed, images will be captured from all angles using a camera on the application. The multiple captured images can be stitched together to create a 360 virtual tour of the model or even an animation. 

Which Businesses and Industries Can Benefit From 3D Rendering?

Architectural projects 

For large scale commercial projects such as hotel or shopping mall architecture, 3D rendering services in Singapore can be beneficial in visualising the end result. 3D rendering is able to add different materials such as glass and bricks to the end model and also include interior rendering for floor plans and detailed furnishings.

Real estate

The real estate industry has increasingly relied on virtual tours and 3D renders to sell their properties to customers. This is especially useful for properties that have yet to be built but are open for purchase. 3D rendered models can do up a completed property with furnishings and detailed floor plans for interested buyers that want to experience realistic visuals of the property.

Art museums 

Technology is now able to create art exhibitions online without guests having to visit museums in person. Artworks and even artefacts can be digitally rendered to insert into your virtual tour exhibition. With the expertise of a professional agency, a realistic exhibition with mood lighting and spotlights can be added to create a realistic experience. Informative write-up boxes of each exhibit can also be included for the viewers.

Product prototyping

Using a sketch of a designed product, 3D rendering is able to create a digitised model of it with circumferential views to view the little details and fine-tune the product. Not only can 3D product rendering help in the designing process to fix any flaws before producing it, the model can also be used to create your very own inventory on an e-commerce store. 

Why 3D Rendering Is Needed Today 

1. Reel in investors from all over the world

With any business idea or plan, investors are extremely important to get your project going. With a worldwide network on the internet, why not tap into all parts of the world through a 3D rendered model? Investors want to see that the product or project that they’re putting their money into is going to be successful and viable. In order to prove that to them, providing a 3D mock-up of your design can help them visualise and interact with your project and convince them to invest in it. This digitisation tool also makes it easy to share with investors across oceans and seas. 

2. Sell out your property faster with more bookings

Static illustrations of an upcoming property just don’t do it for clients anymore. Customers want to be able to view a realistic model of a property in order to make an informed decision to purchase. Some architectural and construction companies will build blueprints of their property and release them for booking and purchase before beginning construction. In these cases, 3D rendering services in Singapore are sought after to increase bookings with their customers. 

3. An online marketing strategy for product testing

A 3D rendered model can help businesses save money before the costly production stage. This can be done through online testing and campaigning with a 3D rendered product to ensure that there is a market for the product. For example, a furniture design company may want to create a new product but before producing it, they could launch an online campaign and even receive pre-orders and some capital from customers before moving on to producing it. It helps to market and build hype around the product while also giving the business concrete statistics to ensure the product will be successful.

Photo by Kumpan Electric on Unsplash 

Even if your ideas are just a pipe dream or a lucrative blueprint, sourcing out 3D rendering services in Singapore can be a stepping stone to landing you your needed capital. Whether you’re targeting investors or sourcing customers, a rendered design can draw in more clients with its interactive and immersive visuals. To create a professional 3D rendered model, contact an experienced agency in Singapore to receive your quote and start your digitisation journey today.