October 8, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Virtual Tour for Your Business

Photo by Imansyah Muham on Unsplash

As the pandemic has hit businesses globally, many companies are trying to get back on their feet as we slowly move into the new normal. However, with the economic downturn that we’ve experienced the past year, it may be a little bit more tricky for businesses to make a comeback. The pandemic has forced companies to move their business online and this has proved successful for many as the digital world is taking over. Unfortunately, there are physical spaces that are not as lucky to be able to completely move their brand online as they survive on face-to-face interactions. In such cases, it may be challenging to ride the digital wave but some companies and physical businesses are still trying other digital marketing efforts such as online advertisements. While these advertisements may be effective short term, they definitely pile up in cost in the long run and may not be a very lucrative or viable option for businesses that are already struggling. One great way to incorporate digital marketing techniques that drive online users to your physical space is to create a virtual tour. This option is a budget-friendly service that offers a one-time purchase for a lifetime of benefits. 

What Are the Different Types of Virtual Tours Available?

Having a virtual tour in Singapore is essentially offering a panoramic view of your space online where users can navigate through the venue before visiting it in person. There are a few different types of virtual tours available that can suit the needs of various businesses and their goals. 

Custom Virtual Tour

As its name suggests, a custom tour is personalised to each company and their venue. A professional agency will capture several images of your venue from all angles and stitch them together to create a circumferential view of the space. In addition, these tours also provide extra features to help users navigate and understand your space better. These could include a navigation menu, “hotspot” boxes where additional information can be embedded in the form of texts, photos or videos, live chat boxes and even an audio tour. 

Google Street View 

If you are familiar with Google, you may have seen the virtual tours that come along with certain physical spaces when you search them up on the site. These tours are created by Google Trusted agencies and can gain more reach as it is embedded into the #1 search engine site. The process works the same way as a custom tour, where multiple images are taken and edited together for a panoramic view.

360 Rendering & Staging 

It is especially helpful for businesses to create a virtual tour if they have yet to build or complete their space but still need some promotional content to show to buyers or investors. 360 rendering is able to create a digitised mock-up of a place that has yet to exist and 360 staging can furnish your empty space. 

5 Reasons You Should Create a Virtual Tour

1. About to launch your physical space 

If you’re a new brick and mortar store or a physical event space, you’d want to gain traction at your venue as soon as you can. The best place to do so is through the digital landscape where digital footprint is spiking. When you create a virtual tour, whether on your site or on Google, it immediately puts your space on the map and also builds credibility and trust with potential customers. 

2. Your current space has changed locations

If you’re an established brand with a physical space but are moving your location to another part of the country, you will want to update your address and newly furnished space through a virtual tour. This allows your loyal customers to keep up with your whereabouts, invite new customers to your space and ensure that they are not redirected to your outdated location. 

3. Trying to reach a larger audience online through SEO 

Having a virtual tour in Singapore can be a very successful digital marketing technique as these tours are known to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) online. If you know anything about digital marketing, you’ll know that SEO is key to pulling online users to your site and eventually your physical space. The SEO algorithm is known to rank websites or listings with virtual tours higher as a 360 tour allows more hover time on the site. As you grow your online audience, these users will naturally convert into in-store customers.

4. When face-to-face meetings and tours are restricted

With the fluctuating restrictions due to the pandemic, it is always important to have a backup plan that still allows you to meet with clients to sell and propose deals. This technique is especially helpful for companies that need to give clients a tour of their physical space such as real estate businesses or even schools that are offering campus tours. By setting up a virtual tour in Singapore, you will still be able to meet your clients online safely through web-conferencing sites like Zoom or Google Meets while sharing your screen of the virtual tour. This allows the guide to navigate through the space while still engaging with the clients as they explain and go through the different features of the venue.

5. Your current ROI is too low despite your high marketing budget 

When creating your business plan and marketing investments, you will want to focus on improving your Return on Investment (ROI) performance. This would mean ensuring that your budget set aside is profiting and showing effective sales in your net income. In some cases, businesses pump in exorbitant amounts into advertising and marketing agencies only for their sales to fall flat and disappoint. If you are going through such a situation, you may want to try setting up a virtual tour as a digital marketing solution. In comparison to advertisements, a 360 tour is a low-cost investment that only needs a one-time purchase but can garner leads 24/7 on your site for as long as you want. This low-risk-high-benefits tool is a long-term solution that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Photo by Anastasiia Chepins on Unsplash

If you’re looking to escape the pandemic rut, contact a skilled and trusted virtual tour agency in Singapore to get you started on your digitisation journey.