August 13, 2021

How Can a Google Virtual Tour Improve SEO for Your Business?

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

When it comes to marketing your business online, any marketing strategist knows that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital in getting the needed reach and audience. There are SEO experts that are specifically hired by companies because understanding the algorithm is such a sought after skill. There are many various elements that matter when it comes to SEO such as using the right keywords or increasing the number of clicks to your site. One type of content that has been proved to help with SEO is a Google Virtual Tour. Google tours and SEO work hand-in-hand to increase engagement and garner a larger customer base. After all, companies are looking to boost their sales and increase their profits and in our digital age, optimising your business online is the key to modern marketing. Let’s take a dive into SEO strategies and Google Virtual Tour content to find out how they can help you ramp up your brand.

What Is a Google Virtual Tour? 

A Google Virtual Tour visually looks just like your average 360 Virtual Tour except it’s embedded into a Google My Business account. A 360 Virtual Tour works by taking multiple still images of a physical space and stitching them together to create a panoramic view. A Google Virtual Tour allows anyone to view an establishment’s venue when searching them up on the search engine site. A Google My Business account also includes all the business information including address, telephone number and reviews. A Google My Business account allows prospective customers to browse through your company seamlessly all in one space. To set up a Google tour in Singapore, businesses will have to hire a Google trusted agency to shoot your space and optimise your Google My Business account. 

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important? 

SEO is vital in today’s age of digital marketing as it puts your company’s website on the map by making it more visible on Google. When your website gets more visibility, you also receive more leads and eventually more sales! That is why SEO strategists are hired to analyse each businesses’ digital visibility to boost profits. These SEO strategists are skilled to understand the behaviour of users and they use that information to tweak and optimise your website according to what the user will be searching for. The skill also includes understanding the Google algorithm and what type of content the search engine favours. 

There are many factors that increase SEO in a website and it can even start with the loading speed on your site. Google will favour websites that have a seamless interface that make it easy for users to scroll through. On top of that, many businesses will incorporate specific keywords into their web content that possible leads may be searching for. A big feature that SEO favour is sites that have a longer dwelling time where users spend a significant duration scrolling through the page. The dwelling time can be increased through visual engagements such as images and videos. These are just some of the various ways to improve your SEO strategy but they are vital in improving your businesses’ standing online. 

How Does a Google Virtual Tour Improve SEO? 

So how exactly does having a Google tour in Singapore improve the SEO on your website? Here are some ways the Google search engine will favour a business with a virtual tour to increase its visibility to users.

1. Google Algorithm Favours Virtual Tours 

The Google search engine algorithm is designed to interact and prioritise websites and content that incorporate new technologies such as a virtual tour. In this competitive digital world, businesses with virtual tours are going to rank much higher than their competitors that do not choose to have one. The reason Google favours businesses with virtual tours is that these 360 views allow users to have easy accessibility into a space and SEO is all about catering to the user’s needs and behaviours. 

2. Google Tours Increase Duration Spent on Site 

When users tend to spend more time on the site, Google automatically picks up the signals that this page is an attractive and informative one that will benefit other users. Therefore, the trick is to incorporate content that visitors will have to engage with for an extended period of time so that it feeds into the SEO algorithm. A Google Virtual Tour does just that as visitors will spend time scrolling and exploring through the space and its engaging nature can catch one’s attention a lot longer than usual. Therefore, having a virtual tour on your business page boosts dwelling time and your ranking on Google. 

3. Google Tours Increase Clickability 

Did you know a survey done by Google themselves, showed that users who view a business with a virtual are twice as likely to book a reservation with them? Virtual tours build trust and transparency as users who are searching for a hotel or a restaurant want to be able to see a space before making their reservations to avoid being disappointed. If you want to prove yourself as a legitimate and trustworthy brand, a Google tour will garner more clicks, which inevitably increases your SEO ranking. 

4. Virtual Tours Garner More Shares 

The more engagement there is with your Google tour, the higher your search engine visibility becomes. Being active and constantly sharing content on a social platform immediately puts you one step forward. With a Google My Business account, you are able to share more pictures as well as your virtual tour, which engages with your audience. Furthermore, Google tours can be uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook or Youtube. Not only will this get you organic views, users will also be able to easily share links to their friends and constant content engagement is a cocktail for a great SEO strategy. 

Photo by DJ Watson on Unsplash

If you’re a business with a physical space and can’t seem to reach your monthly quota of reservations, you might want to look into setting up a Google Virtual Tour to improve your online SEO strategy. Google trusted partners, such as The Red Marker, are skilled agencies that specialise in these tours and can even optimise your Google My Business account for you. For further enquiries, get in touch with us!