July 23, 2021

What Is a Google Virtual Tour and How Does It Benefit Your Business?

Photo by Henry Perks on Unsplash

When looking for a hotel or restaurant to visit, consumers are bound to search it up online. In our digital age today, it is vital for businesses to maintain an online presence or risk being sidelined. Google is the number one search engine that is used worldwide and when typing into the search bar, there are a few things a consumer is looking out for. They want to know your legitimacy as well as help them make a decision on whether to choose your brand or not. Therefore, it is very important to provide as much information on your business online and this includes having a virtual tour. While having a 360 tour on your website alone is beneficial, optimising it into Google and adding on a Google Virtual Tour can take your marketing strategy further. 

What is Google Virtual Tour? 

Google virtual tour, also known as google street view works just like any other 360 simulation but it is connected to a Google My Business account. This account allows you to have a listing on Google where anyone can search up your company on the search engine site. All of your information from address to the reviews will be listed online for customers to have easy access and browse through your page. By having a 360 Google virtual tour in Singapore, a virtual tour of your establishment or space will be listed on Google and potential customers will be able to view them easily. These Google street view tours are photographed by Google trusted agencies and photographers.

Setting up a Google tour is a pretty simple process but creates a lasting product. Shooting a space will require taking multiple shots of the room, which will then be edited post-production and stitched together to form a single panoramic view. Shooting a space will take a couple of hours and the editing process can take up to 2 weeks. 

Passive Marketing Strategy 

Having a Google Virtual Tour on the search engine site is a classic example of passive marketing. Passive marketing is positioning advertising content skillfully without having to pump in extra cash. Once you have launched your passive marketing strategy, it will naturally attract customers without you having to actively reach out to them. With a Google virtual tour in Singapore, all you have to do is make a one-time purchase of your Google tour with a trusted agency and publish it on your listing, which stays on your page for as long as you need. Once that is done, customers will be able to view your space with just a click away. This can boost online visibility and convert leads into sales for the perfect cost-effective marketing strategy. 

Increasing sales: Benefits Of a Google Virtual Tour

1. Increase visibility and engagement

As Google dominates the search engine market with over 90% of queries done on the site, it is important for businesses to jump on the Google bandwagon and market their companies on a global scale. By embedding a Google tour on the search engine, it has proven to increase the number of clicks to the main site. Virtual tours usually make visitors spend a longer time on the site. The combination of increased clicks and visitor duration on your company’s website is a perfect boost for Search-Engine-Optimisation (SEO). SEO is vital in digital marketing as it ranks your business and improves traffic to your site by boosting visibility to potential customers. As more clients view your site, sales will steadily begin to increase. 

2. A solution for short attention spans

Engaging clients is becoming a challenging task in this digital climate. Especially for tech-savvy individuals, if a product does not attract their attention within a few seconds, they’re scrolling away. According to the Microsoft Attention Spans Report, the average human attention span recorded was 8 seconds! Translating this statistic to your online marketing strategy for your business, if you do not provide the needed information customers are looking for, they will not pay any attention to you. Visuals are a sure way to keep clients engaged but a virtual tour further invites customers to explore and immerse themselves into your brand. 

3. Boost interest with your prospective clients

If a client is searching for a restaurant to dine in for a special occasion but can’t view its space or a menu, it’s an immediate rejection. According to statistics, customers who engage in a virtual tour of a business are twice as likely to make a reservation. This is simply due to being transparent online. With the increase of false information online, having authentic and credible information on your company is definitely a selling point for customers. It can also further narrow your target audience especially if you stand out from your competitors with a Google Virtual Tour in Singapore. 

4. Convert leads into sales

With all the above benefits of improved SEO, engaging visuals and assured transparency, these elements help prospective customers make an informed decision. Especially if customers are deciding between two establishments, they will naturally gravitate towards the company that provides them with comprehensive information. For businesses like hotels and restaurants, prospective clients want to be able to view these spaces before making a booking as the experience and aesthetics of these establishments are their selling points. Being able to showcase an attractive place online where customers can tour around is an added advantage that can convert a lead into a paying customer. 

Photo by CardMapr.nl on Unsplash

Google marketing strategies have proven to boost sales and by having an added Google Virtual Tour to further optimise your search standing, there is no reason why businesses shouldn’t be setting up a 360 tour of their own! These tours are able to show your brand’s personality and benefits virtually without having to pitch to prospective clients. This passive marketing tool is incredibly advantageous and profitable so get in touch with a trusted Google agency to set up your 360 Google virtual tour in Singapore and begin a successful marketing strategy. View our past projects and portfolio here.