April 6, 2021

Top 3 Industries that Need a 360 Virtual Tour in Singapore

To keep up with the high level of competition in the market, all businesses must do their best to implement creative and new marketing strategies. Using 360 interactive tour services for your business can turn out to be a wise marketing choice and can help you reach new heights.  

Furthermore, with the help of 360 virtual tours, website visitors can access your business premises from the comfort of their homes. This marketing tool is incredibly useful for increasing booking and sales rates, as well as enhancing user retention. Besides, interactive virtual tours are also known to hold users' attention for a longer time while efficiently engaging with what the company has to offer. 

Now, let us learn about the top three industries that need a virtual tour in Singapore to boost their Google rankings and attract more website traffic.

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

1. 360 Virtual Tours for Real-Estate

In recent years, 360 virtual tours have helped to transform the real-estate sector drastically. Today, most realtors have reached all-time record sales rates for their properties because of these impressive virtual tours. 

Apart from allowing realtors to present their properties exclusively, a 360 virtual tour in Singapore makes sure that people can view these facilities at any time and from anywhere. It also promotes a 24-hour open house system for the target audience, enabling them to fully assess several properties without needing to personally or physically tour them.

2. 360 Virtual Tours for Retail 

Virtual tours are an excellent way for retail stores to stand out and draw buyers by using cutting-edge technology. An interactive 360 virtual tour can help retailers demonstrate a wide variety of items on their website, right from different fabric shades to various furniture models. 

Today, the majority of retailers have their own social media pages and websites to expand their business presence. They are able to attract more potential customers in the online community and boost their conversion rates by simply adding engaging and vivid 360 video tours to their websites and social media platforms. In addition to having a strong online presence and providing a pleasant viewing experience to customers, virtual tours also help boost the company's Google rankings.

A lot of small retailers may face difficulty keeping up with the high level of industry competition these days. An immersive 360 virtual tour in Singapore will give them a competitive advantage in the market and impress both existing and prospective customers.

3. 360 Virtual Tours for Restaurants

In the restaurant marketing industry, 360 interactive tours are becoming increasingly popular. By incorporating 360 virtual tours on their websites, restaurant owners will allow their customers to check out their ambiance, seating arrangements, and decor from their smartphones or laptops.

Remember, before choosing where to eat, most people look up restaurant pictures, ratings, reviews, and menus on the internet. Having a 360 virtual tour of your restaurant can greatly impact their decision and inspire them to visit the venue physically. 

Apart from the industries mentioned above, several other industries can benefit from a 360 virtual tour in Singapore, including healthcare, hospitality, and education. So if you are also looking to enhance your online presence with a high-quality virtual tour, do check out our extensive virtual tour services.