August 20, 2021

How Couples Can View a 360 Virtual Tour of a Wedding Space Before Booking It

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

Wedding planning is part of a multi-billion dollar industry and for a good reason. The details that go into the planning process are extremely important as a wedding day is a once in a lifetime occasion that couples will want to cherish forever. Because of this, many couples choose to splurge on a lavish wedding but there are definitely some that try their best to keep to their budget. However, there is no doubt that the venue of a wedding is an extremely vital element to the planning process and is usually one of the first things that is booked (sometimes years in advance!). Before setting their eyes on a venue, couples tend to visit multiple wedding spaces from hotel ballrooms to beach-side restaurants. Unfortunately, with the current climate and the pandemic, planning a wedding in Singapore and choosing the best venue for your special day has become more complicated. 

Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic 

Planning a wedding during a pandemic may require more thought and logistics before booking your venue. With the fluctuating restrictions and the cap in the number of attendees, it is important to determine the number of guests you are inviting, whether they fit into the regulations and if the chosen venue can accommodate all your attendees. Another new rule brought about by the pandemic is having socially distanced seating. This would mean choosing a venue that can abide by the regulations while still hosting all your guests. Furthermore, it is also important to note that with the new arrangements, buffets are not allowed, which means your venue should be able to cater individually served meals. When scouting for a location and venue, these new rules should be in mind as certain spaces may not be able to accommodate them. In these precarious times, wedding venues with a 360 virtual tour will be able to help couples give an overview of their space to help with their selection process. 

What Is a 360 Virtual Tour 

A 360 tour, also known as a virtual tour, is shot by a professional agency that can stitch multiple still images together to create a panoramic view of the space. These tours can be embedded onto the company’s site so that visitors can scroll through and explore the space virtually. Having a virtual tour in Singapore is part of a digital marketing plan that can sell your space without having to go through a sales pitch. These tours are also able to add features to further describe certain elements in the space using visual images. For companies that sell wedding spaces, having a virtual tour in Singapore not only benefits your prospective customers, it can also boost your sales especially during these uncertain times.

How Does a 360 Virtual Tour Improve the Wedding Planning Experience for Couples? 

1. Narrows down the search 

When preparing for a wedding, couples can find it very stressful and intimidating especially when there are many options available. When wedding venues have a virtual tour in Singapore available to their clients, couples will be able to scope out their various choices and narrow it down to the ones they like best. Keeping the planning experience as easy as possible for clients can also make them favour your space over others venues. 

2. Saves time

Especially with the new restrictions, many wedding venues require their clients to make advanced bookings before coming down to the venue to view it. With so many options to choose from, couples will be able to view their interested spaces through a 360 tour instead of going down to scope each option on their list. With so many factors to juggle from food catering to flower arrangements, saving your clients time through a virtual tour will make them a lot more appreciative of your company and possibly more appealing as well. 

3. Understand the features of the venue before committing

A virtual tour can include ‘hotspot’ boxes around a venue to further describe the many elements in the room. For example, viewers can click on the tables and chairs in the venue and an embedded box can explain that a wedding package comes with customisation and decoration of the table setting. These little features and extra information are vital to couples who are budgeting and planning their logistics so it would greatly benefit them when narrowing down their venue. 

How Businesses With Wedding Venues Can Benefit From a Virtual Tour 

1. Improves reliability 

One of the biggest advantages of a business setting up a virtual tour on their site is the transparency it gives to their clients. Especially on a big day like a wedding, couples want to be able to trust your company to execute their special day and a virtual tour allows clients to scope out your venue just as it is. By showcasing your venue online, more couples tend to be drawn to visuals that are accessible and may book an appointment with your representatives over a venue that does not have any visual proof of their space. 

2. Garners more clicks

Did you know that businesses with a virtual tour are two times more likely to receive a reservation booking? Besides the transparency and reliability it gives, 360 virtual tours can also ramp up your SEO strategies, which is very important for digital marketing. The Google algorithm has proven to favour virtual tours and increase their rankings on the search engine site. This means more visibility to customers, more clicks and more sales!

3. Sells your space 24/7

A virtual tour is an excellent sales tool and by having it permanently on your site, you are selling your venue 24/7 without the need to pitch directly to the customers! Instead, the customer comes to you and once they make a booking to view the venue in person, your sales representative doesn’t have to convince the couple to book with them as they already have an understanding of the space. All you will have to do is show them around the space so that they can experience what they saw online in real life. 

Photo by Lanty on Unsplash

Couples who are planning a wedding in Singapore would want to make their experiences as seamless and stress-free as possible. Businesses who are able to provide that extra service of having a virtual tour online are seen as a customer-orientated company, improving your overall standing and reputation with future clients. If you are interested in setting up a virtual tour in Singapore for your physical space, get in touch with us!