April 23, 2021

Why Should More Sellers Offer Virtual Tours?

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Have you ever noticed yourselves aimlessly flipping through television channels, not being able to focus on one show for more than a few minutes? This type of short attention span can disrupt the sale of several amazing properties, including yours. Just like TV viewers, prospective home buyers may not have enough time and energy for real estate listings, especially if it does not grab their attention. Therefore, having a 3D virtual tour on your website or social media platform can help you engage with the audience and sell your property faster.  

When deciding whether to have a 3D virtual tour in Singapore to sell your property, consider the following points:


  • Reaches a Wide Audience

When it comes to real estate sales, it is crucial to cast a wide net. Sometimes, despite focusing on marketing campaigns and advertising, potential property buyers may not be interested in buying the property. However, including a virtual tour will enable all types of buyers to get a real-time view of the property. 

Remember, even if the property was originally out of the buyer's price range, compelling 3D photographs can persuade them — this is the perfect way to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, international buyers who want to relocate may not have direct access to the property. Therefore, taking a virtual tour can help them get accurate measurements and outstanding visuals of the property, making your property stand out from the competition.

  • Complete View

 Before making a purchase, potential property buyers need detailed information about the property in a format that is readily accessible. Providing a 3D virtual tour in Singapore will help them view every corner of the property from their home's comfort and get as much information as possible. Generally, potential buyers who take a virtual tour have a better understanding of what they are getting into, which means attracting more buyers with genuine interest and less false hope. 

Many virtual tour providers also include soothing music in the background that boosts the user experience. Music not only generates a sense of peace but also makes potential buyers feel at home from the moment they start the tour.

  • Easy Setup

The biggest benefit of having a 3D virtual tour is perhaps how convenient it is to set up. All you need to do is present your property in the best way possible and then take high-quality photographs. The photo shoot can be as simple or as comprehensive as you'd like. Whatever option you choose, it won't take much time and will be the perfect opportunity for you to get the word out about the property you're selling.


  • Offers Sellers Greater Control

One of the best aspects of an interactive 3D virtual tour is that the seller controls what visitors can view. This allows you to highlight the most appealing features and show the property in the best light. Simply put, 3D virtual tours provide sellers with a perfect opportunity to create an outstanding first impression.  

All in all, a 3D virtual tour in Singapore will add tremendous value to your property and bring your listings to life. With a few stunning professional photographs, you will be able to engage potential buyers, allowing them to form both an intellectual and emotional connection with the property. To get more information about 3D virtual tours, check out our expansive list of services.