September 10, 2021

How to Offer Virtual Tours in Singapore of Your Kindergarten to Cautious Parents

Photo by Gautam Arora on Unsplash

Enrolling your child into their first school can be an exciting but unnerving experience as parents always want the best for their kids. Searching for the right environment to trust that your child is learning and growing in a safe and holistic space can be quite a task. Parents usually visit several kindergartens and playgroups to review the place and ensure that the school is right for their child and for their own peace of mind as well. When parents attend a tour of a kindergarten, they are looking out for certain features of the school that may make it more attractive compared to their other options. Some of these features may include the teachers, facilities and the curriculum. 

However, since the pandemic, some parents may find it a bit risky to visit these kindergartens especially during the heightened periods of surging cases. Since the restrictions have relaxed and many are back to the office, busy parents are always looking for a safe yet convenient way to check out prospective schools. While it is still preferred to come down to a school in person, having a virtual tour in Singapore available on your online site can make the whole experience a lot easier for parents to choose to visit your kindergarten over another. Find out how a virtual tour can benefit kindergartens in Singapore and how to create an engaging 360 tour!

What Is a Virtual Tour & Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

If you’ve never heard of a virtual tour, these 360 tours provide a detailed view of any physical space by capturing multiple images and angles of the venue and stitching them all together to create a panoramic view of the space. When uploaded online, users will be able to click through the space as they navigate around the room as authentically as possible. The 360 views give a different experience from still images and users will be able to have a circumferential view at every angle of the space, unlike 2D static photos. A 360 virtual tour is a very customisable experience for each brand as added features such as background audio, hotspots of embedded videos and floor plans can be added on. This allows for more information to be included in your tour instead of just visuals of the space, giving a comprehensive detail of your venue. 

Especially with the pandemic, physical footfall has been replaced by virtual footfall. More and more businesses are relocating to the online world and are using digital tools to increase their sales. Unfortunately for physical spaces, physical footfall is vital in getting their profits. In such cases, companies have been using digital marketing tools to convert online users to their physical venue. Having a virtual tour in Singapore is one such way to profit off digital technology to establish your space as we navigate through a post-pandemic world. 

How to Create an Engaging Virtual Tour for Your Kindergarten in Singapore

There are professional and experienced agencies in Singapore that can help you design and create your customisable virtual tour. These agencies have skilled photographers that will come down to your space to shoot as well as stitch the images together during post-production. They also have the expertise to design your virtual tour interface with personalised content. However, to get them started, you will also have to provide some basic information and guides for the agency to create an effective 360 virtual tour for your kindergarten. 

1. Collect & Organise Content

To start off, you can organise and collate all the existing images and videos that you have of your kindergarten campus. This could include photos of the various facilities in the space or a video of the students interacting in the various rooms in your kindergarten. If possible, an overview of a campus map can be very beneficial for your virtual tour. The professional agency can use this content to create “hotspot” boxes that allow parents to click on for a further in-depth explanation and information on the various amenities in your kindergarten. The campus map also makes navigation into the different spaces around the school much easier as clickable buttons can be spread out over the map and zoomed into if clicked on. 

2. Don’t Forget the Important Details!

One of the most enticing and important components for a parent to choose a kindergarten is the teachers. Parents want to know if the teachers are well-equipped with the skills needed to care for their children as well as their overall character as an educator. While your website can include the profile and bios of your teachers, having a video introduction of each educator can be an engaging way for parents to get to know them better. If you have these videos on hand, they can easily be embedded into your virtual tour for an all-in-one experience for interested parents.

3. Be Sure of Your Branding Material

Branding is an extremely important feature for any company as it can make or break your professionalism and trust. With a customised 360 virtual tour, you can maintain consistent branding visuals as the UI/UX interface can be easily customised to incorporate your brand’s colours and fonts. Therefore, you should also have a folder of your kindergarten’s logos, colour scheme and preferred fonts so that a professional agency can include them in the tour. Keeping a professional layout that is seamless from your social media to your website, can make you stand out as a reliable school to cautious parents. 

Photo by Jason Sung on Unsplash

Once your virtual tour is complete, they can be easily shared onto your social media channels such as Facebook to create more leads to your website for in-person tours. If your kindergarten still prefers to continue online open houses of the school, the customisable virtual tour can be used while an assigned guide navigates around the interface while sharing their screen on a video call platform such as Zoom or Google Meets. 

If you are a kindergarten in Singapore looking to set up a virtual tour of your own, get in touch with a trusted agency that will be able to digitise your space professionally and seamlessly.