February 11, 2022

Virtual Staging: Improve a Virtual Tour of a Property Even in an Unfurnished Space

Photo by Spacejoy from Unsplash 

If you’re an owner of a residential home or a commercial building and are looking to rent or sell your space, you know the importance of listing your property online. In our digital age, potential customers will be looking up available properties online before even thinking about making the journey down for an open house event. Therefore, it’s incredibly important for real estate agents and property owners to have well-taken photos of their space that attract buyers and allow them to imagine themselves in that space without even seeing it in person. However, when you’re in the midst of moving out and have packed up any remaining furniture, your space will be left bare and plain. Fortunately, with our latest technological developments, virtual staging is a process that can furnish any empty apartment digitally without disrupting your move out from your space. If you have your empty space listed online and are wondering why your phone isn’t blowing up with potential buyers, read on to find out why a virtual tour of a property using virtual staging may just be the solution for you. 

How does virtual staging work? 

Virtual staging is a process that can create an interior design in a vacant space through a digital editor. This would mean adding furnishing from sofas to dining tables into an empty property. For example, if you’re listing a bedroom with no added furniture, virtual staging is able to add a bed, table lamps and artwork into the digital image of the room. Similarly, commercial buildings can leverage this technology by adding office desks and work tables into an empty space. Once these edits are made, you can even create a virtual tour of a property including the digital furnishings in a 360 view. Potential buyers will be able to navigate through this virtual tour in just a click and envision the space when it’s fully furnished. 

Benefits of virtual staging your unfurnished property 

1. Much more affordable compared to traditional staging 

We know listings of beautiful and well-decorated properties do better than empty and bare spaces. However, buying furniture to improve the look of your space can be really costly especially if you want your property to look completely furnished and done up. On top of that, if you’re moving out from your place to another, the transportation of your furniture and boxes can burn a hole in your pocket. We’re always looking for a more affordable solution and virtual staging can do just that while also bringing in the rewards of landing a sale. While you’re emptying out your space, virtual staging can decorate your property digitally at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional staging. 

2. Works as a digital marketing tool in our digital world 

Billboard signs of open houses don’t work the same in today’s digital age. If you’re hoping to gain traction with your property, you have to list it online and market yourself well to get people interested. Understanding a buyer’s behaviour is key to getting your digital marketing tool right. Potential customers will first search available listings online to view images of the space before making the decision to visit it in person. However, static images are starting to become outdated and real estate marketing is taking it up a notch through a virtual tour of a property. By combining virtual staging and a 360 virtual tour, you can give potential customers a 360 experience in a fully-furnished home. Digital marketing tools are meant to turn leads into sales and virtual tours have proven to convert online users to in-person transactions.

3. Edit layout design anytime 

With interior designing trends constantly changing, you will want to keep up with the times to make sure your buyers are always interested in your listing. Having physical furniture in your space can limit the potential of the space especially if it is outdated and old-fashioned. Virtual staging is able to change the interior of your space anytime you like. You can easily switch up the theme from Scandinavian to industrial with no added cost of new furniture. It’s important to have a tool like virtual staging in our ever-changing world that is flexible to new trends without the risk of inconvenience.

4. Have the flexibility of moving out while listing your property online

Moving out of a place can be really tiring and stressful especially if you’re trying to find potential buyers at the same time. Even if you have a real estate agent to help you out, you don’t want to hold off packing your bulky furniture just to film a virtual tour of a property. Virtual staging makes your moving process easier if you’re in the midst of packing your furniture as it still allows buyers to have a realistic view of a furnished space. 

How to prep for a virtual staging shoot

A blank, clean canvas is always preferred when preparing for a virtual staging shoot. If you have any damages like holes and cracks on the walls, be super to fix them up so the space does not look rundown. It’s best to keep the walls of your property a neutral shade instead of splashes of colour so that any virtual interior furnishings or theme can complement the rest of the space. Lastly, clean up the property and remove any leftover clutter or large pieces of furniture so that there are more creative designing options during the virtual staging process. 

Photo by Point 3D Commercial Imaging from Unsplash

At The Red Marker, we boast a team of skilled virtual tour professionals that have years of experience in virtual staging and 360 virtual tours. We have had the pleasure of staging and shooting virtual tours of local landmarks like The Art House and Singapore Expo. If you’re a real estate agency or a homeowner looking to shoot a virtual tour of a property, drop us an email to get a custom quote for your digitisation needs.