April 19, 2021

Use Matterport 3D Tours to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Commercial Real Estate

Photo by Lei Jiang on Unsplash

In recent times, the bottom line of many commercial real estate agents and brokers has been affected by industrial and financial forces. Therefore, facing increased competition and lower consumer demand, it becomes essential for agents and brokers to invest in sales tactics and the latest technologies that improve speed, comfort, and convenience for potential buyers.  

Commercial real estate websites using technology like Matterport in Singapore will help prospective buyers view properties anywhere and anytime and make the right leasing and purchasing decisions.  

Offer Prospective Customers Breathtaking Visuals

 Potential customers don't just want standard property images to make a buying decision, but they require the right visuals. Matterport cameras use infrared scanners to produce a dimensionally correct version of the property. Anything you capture with a scan, you can even measure it. Also, the visuals are at the highest 4K resolution.

 Furthermore, the excellent accuracy of visuals gives your clients a real-time experience of the property, which goes a long way toward determining final property rates. 

Accelerate Visits and Research

With the increased number of properties on the market, plenty of prospective buyers still do not have the time or resources to visit the properties in person. It may take weeks or months for some individuals to plan a visit, and most often, it is not enough time for buyers to make an informed and positive same-day selection decision.

 However, agents and buyers can overcome these time-consuming challenges along the buyer's journey by using a few readily accessible, user-friendly tech platforms designed to engage and educate prospective buyers through appropriate digital channels. 

 Immersive 3D Matterport tours in Singapore enable visitors to see the property in real-time before scheduling a visit. This way, when they actually visit the property in person, they will be more informed and willing to make a confident decision that day.


Showcase Multiple Properties at the Same Time

By incorporating virtual tours on their websites, brokers and agents have enough time in the day to arrange visits, research listings, get in touch with prospective customers, and offer tools that buyers can use to view the property. All in all, as a commercial agent or broker, immersive 3D Matterport tours are the best resource for saving time and showing various properties at the same time .


Have a Competitive Edge

In the commercial real estate industry, location and reputation hold a significant value, but so does technology. Therefore, real estate agents who utilize cutting-edge technology like 3D Matterport, add convenience to the buying process, save time for prospects, provide more detailed information about a property usually win more listings, and stand out the most among competitors.



A weak bottom line is not always the result of a slow market. It can also mean a competitive edge. With the help of the right technology like Matterport in Singapore, you can help customers feel more secure, speed up the demonstrating, leasing, or sale process, and expand your reach — all at the same time. To get more information about 3D Matterport tour services, visit The Red Marker