March 8, 2021

Reasons to Choose The Red Marker for Real Estate Marketing

If you have ever sold or bought something, you must be familiar with the traditional method. You visit a real estate agent, see photos of apartments or properties, and shortlist the ones you like the most for a physical visit. However, once you visit the property, you may find that it is not as good as shown in the pictures. 

These vast differences between the listing and actual visits are not only time-consuming but also extremely disappointing for clients or buyers. This is where virtual tours enter the picture. Real estate agents can use virtual tours to expand their business, attract more visitors, and provide superior services. 

At The Red Marker, we help companies develop 360 virtual tour in Singapore that allows for more transparency and helps your client to virtually inspect every corner of the property without having to leave home.

Now, let’s see how our virtual tour services can help boost your real estate business:

1. Draw Attention Towards the Hidden Features of Your Property

High-quality photographs can help you sell your property quickly. In fact, firms that use professional pictures on their websites sell properties 50 percent faster than those that display standard images. Acknowledging that, virtual tours are the next big thing to make your property look more appealing and attractive. 

At The Red Marker, we offer custom 360 virtual tours in Singapore that will allow accessibility and transparency, and help you generate more leads, resulting in selling your property instantly.  

2. Enables You to Virtually Stage Your Property 

Staging is one of the best and most effective ways to market your property. As per recent surveys, around 80 percent of buyers say that staging a property has helped them visualize the space as their future home. And over 40 percent of them claim that home staging has had a positive impact on their buying decisions. 

Using our exceptional staging services will enable your clients to see the empty space as a liveable place. Also, we will do our best to tailor your virtual staging needs as per your target audience. 


3. Make Your Business Stand Out 

When you are working in a competitive industry like real estate, it becomes difficult to stay ahead of your competition as most of them are offering the same services as you are. So no matter how good the broker is, your clients are likely to deviate. 

With the right marketing strategy and incorporating virtual tours into your business, you will definitely stand out. Unlike classified or radio advertisements, virtual tours have a wider reach and can result in faster closing of deals on commercial and residential properties.


Closing Words

 With fierce competition in the real estate sector, it becomes more important than ever to get help from experts when deciding to create virtual tours. Here, at The Red Marker, we provide exceptional real estate virtual tour Singapore services that will present your potential clients with outstanding property visuals. So get in touch with us today and witness your business reach new heights.