April 12, 2021

Learn How 360° Virtual Tours Help You With Property Sales

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Real estate is a constantly evolving and growing industry. Over the years, the demand for properties has significantly increased, and the competition level in this sector has risen considerably as well. 

Nowadays, you can find plenty of real estate websites where people can conveniently advertise their properties for rent or sale. As a result, with the increased level of competition in the market, it has become crucial for realtors to work twice as hard to persuade investors to purchase properties through them.

Realtors must seek out new and creative ways to promote their websites and win over their competitors. One of the most effective methods for realtors to attract more clients, convert website visitors into potential customers, and increase their website traffic is to hire professional virtual tour services. This will help them create an immersive 3D virtual tour in Singapore to captivate their target audience.

Including a 3D virtual tour on your website is a popular marketing strategy for bringing your property's exterior and interior to life. This marketing technique saves you both money and time, helps you attract your target audience, and sells properties faster.  

Overall, 360-degree interactive tours can help you with property sales in a variety of ways. Some of them are as follows: 

  • The Perfect Way to Display Any Property: A 3D virtual tour in Singapore will highlight every room or space inside an establishment, while also encouraging visitors to navigate through any space freely, check out each of the floors in detail, and even move from one room to the next. In such tours, you can also incorporate additional features where the audience can click and receive more information. 
    All in all, interactive virtual tour services can assist agents and realtors in presenting both commercial and residential properties in the most engaging and appealing way possible.  
  • Saves Time: A real estate agent may receive plenty of phone calls from prospective leads after listing a new property for sale on the market. However, organizing an open house for potential buyers can place strain on both resources and time. Furthermore, several people may not be interested in purchasing the property after seeing it in person. 
    A 360 virtual tour allows potential buyers to view and explore every corner of the property from their smartphones or computers and take in the ambiance. As a result, only those who are serious about purchasing the property will get in touch with the agent and request more information. 
  • Extremely Convenient: When a real estate agent wishes to present a home, they must first ensure that the property is in perfect condition and is well-prepared. However, getting cleaning services every time you schedule an open house will incur additional costs and can be very inconvenient.

An agent can potentially prevent these problems by  including a 360° video tour of the property on their website. This will also enable them to highlight their premises to prospective buyers in the best light possible. 

At The Red Marker,  we help agents and realtors create the best and engaging 3D virtual tour in Singapore for their websites while providing exceptional services at reasonable and competitive pricing.