April 5, 2021

Learn How Matterport 3D Imaging Can Help Business In Singapore

Matterport Makes VR Dreams a Reality for the Real Estate Industry -  RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

Technology has invaded all spheres of life, and real estate is no different. With advancements being made every day, 3D imaging has become the go-to technology of real estate professionals in Singapore and worldwide not only to create a better impact in terms of property images but also to make the entire process easier. 

How 3D imaging can boost up your real estate business 

There are various advantages to using 3D technology in the real estate business. In today’s fast-paced world, showing properties physically can be a time-consuming and expensive process. The real-to-life 3D images are a digital twin of your property and add all the necessary dimensionality and depth to your digital images.

Seeing is believing, and with 3D images, potential clients get an immersive experience, thus giving them a feeling of visiting the site.

What is Matterport, and how it works

Matterport is a comprehensive platform to create the digital twin of your real estate property. It goes beyond just the standard 360 view photography and panoramic shots and creates an immersive and interactive 3D model of your house or commercial space.

Using a 3D camera, Matterport scans any space that you want to model. Based on the scanned images, Matterport’s Cortex AI platform turns these into an interactive 3D model. It can identify objects and create a more accurate 3D view.

The Matterport Advantage

Matterport provides various advantages while creating a 3D digital twin. 

1. 3D Dollhouse and multiple views

With the various view options, you can be assured that your property is adequately depicted. The Dollhouse View lets your zoom out and gets an overall picture of your property. The Inside View lets you take a virtual walk through the property. The Floorplan view gives a clear top-view of the property’s layout. 

2. Customizations

Matterport also offers some customization options, and you can add, modify, trim, set different starting points and generate various output formats like JPG, OBJ, PDF files, etc. Another interesting option is the Mattertag option, through which you can annotate the 3D image with explanatory texts, videos, or links.   

Matterport features are also exposed various APIs and SDKs, thus allowing the business to create customized 3D capabilities on top of the base features. 

3. Measurement Tool

Matterport provides an easy measurement tool through which the dimensions of any room or object can be accurately (within 1% of reality) displayed. 

4. Easy to use

Matterport 3D images can be easily published to various platforms like Google Street View, social media, websites, etc. 

Matterport’s Challenges

Matterport also comes with certain limitations. It is not suitable for places with strong light, like the outdoors, as the scanning may appear distorted. Another limitation is that the 3D images must be produced with the use of designated 3D cameras, the quality of which can be much lower than a DSLR camera. Since no photo editing is possible, we will not be able to blur faces or any sensitive objects within the 3D models. Lastly, the 3D virtual tour produced has limited design customizations. Hence, HTML sites and other third-party tools like WP3dmodels are used to create features that Matterport does not support. 

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Matterport is a powerful tool to help your property reach a larger audience with its very impactful and engaging 3D views. It makes the whole process of buying, selling, renting, or leasing less time-consuming, less expensive, and more efficient.