September 3, 2021

5 Virtual Tours in Singapore That Are Beating The Pandemic

Photo by Swapnil Bapal on Unsplash 

The pandemic has affected businesses in so many ways and especially during the peak of it all, Singapore was under lockdown and spaces could not operate as usual. During this period, companies had to get creative on how to actively reach out to prospective customers virtually. Food and beverage outlets were moving to food delivery options but their physical restaurants were empty as the nation stayed indoors. Fortunately, restrictions are easing as Singapore gradually opens up its various physical establishments. 

To help these spaces get on their foot again, virtual tools can still be used as a marketing strategy to bridge online users to physical spaces. Recovering from a pandemic can be challenging especially when sales and engagement have been at their lowest for a long period of time. One way that businesses are pushing through the transition to in-person interaction is by setting up a virtual tour in Singapore. This is especially crucial for companies in the hospitality and tourism sector who have suffered the brunt of the pandemic. Having a 360 virtual tour for your space can showcase your venue to online users as a way to draw them into visiting your space in person. 

Many hospitality-based businesses have jumped on the virtual tour bandwagon as a way to improve tourism in Singapore among the locals. Here are some examples of spaces in Singapore that are beating the pandemic virtually. 


With tourism in Singapore taking a dip during the pandemic, museums have had to get creative with their marketing and advertising plans. Some of the popularly visited museums in Singapore have turned to 360 virtual tours to showcase their exhibitions and collections. This marketing decision acts as a foresighted plan to when restrictions would ease as having a virtual tour in Singapore would allow locals to browse virtually before deciding to buy tickets for an in-person exhibition. While many exhibitions have also set up paid virtual tours, these local museums granted free excess to some of their works, further building hype around their establishments.

Singapore Philatelic Museum 

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is known for its collection of stamps from all around the world from the 1830s to the present day. Their artefacts showcase the evolution of the world from history to culture and they have also added contemporary and modern exhibitions to cater to a wide range of audiences. The Singapore Philatelic Museum has been under renovation for major works since 2019, which is aimed to be completed in 2022. The museum has digitised all of its past exhibitions into virtual tours and has made them available online to everyone. This includes some of their most popular showcases including their Harry Potter-themed exhibition, Collecting Magic: From Stamps to Wands. 

These virtual tours include a full panoramic view of the exhibitions and users are able to zoom into the artefacts to take a closer look and read the signboards. Despite the pandemic, the museum is creating ways to keep its name alive by using a virtual tour to anticipate its opening in the near future. 

National Gallery Singapore

Known for its collection of Asian artworks and its clean and grand architecture, the National Gallery Singapore is one of Singapore’s more popularly visited museums. With the current climate, the National Gallery has curated their very first virtual exhibition, Stories in Light, and have made it publicly accessible to everyone. The exhibition features the works of 4 Singaporean photographers who have shaped the photography scene in Singapore since World War II. The 360 virtual tour allows users to navigate digitally around 4 rooms with an audio tour and insight into each artwork. The interactive technology creates a new and unique experience for patrons to view the exhibition, while also having other exhibitions available for in-person visits. The virtual exhibition acts as a marketing platform to excite visitors digitally and eventually reel them in to their paid exhibitions. 

Event Spaces

The Alkaff Mansion 

With the pandemic stamping out events such as wedding receptions during the lockdown, event spaces in Singapore are evolving and looking to digital methods to ensure bookings and reservations. The Alkaff Mansion, which boasts an enchanting whimsical venue surrounded by lush greenery, is a popular spot for wedding receptions as their courtyard and restaurants are ideal for an outdoor wedding. For easy access to their venue, they have set up a virtual tour for prospective clients to view their indoor and outdoor spaces. This allows clients to minimise travelling without losing out on viewing a space they are interested in. By giving an option to browse their venue online, The Alkaff Mansion provides transparency and credibility to their establishment, resulting in more enquiries despite the challenging times. 

Medical Facilities


Medical establishments have especially been put in a rocky situation during the pandemic as health care is still needed by everyone but is not recommended for patients to unnecessarily visit their compounds unless there are emergencies. However, there are still expecting mothers and patients who need to undergo surgery that will have to book their stay at these hospitals. To minimise as much contact and visits, some local hospitals have resorted to setting up a virtual tour in Singapore to showcase their facilities and rooms to give a sense of comfort to their patients. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital as well as Singapore General Hospital have a comprehensive virtual tour of their available wards and beds with all the amenities and features of the rooms listed. 

The health care sector has gone through a unique change where it is in demand more than ever yet hospitals are still minimising their visitors. Having a 360 tour of medical facilities can curtail physical contact, while still allowing patients to get the healthcare they need.

Photo by Bna Ignacio on Unsplash 

Every physical establishment and business is looking for ways to stay afloat and boost their profits as we move into the new normal. These local spaces have leveraged off digital technology to stay relevant and accessible during a pandemic. If you are a local business looking to set up a virtual tour in Singapore, get in touch with an established and professional virtual tour agency to begin your space digitisation journey.