May 7, 2021

How a 3D Virtual Tour in Singapore Will Benefit Your School

Learning Vision at Raffles Place

If you are beginning to notice that the panoramic view of your school isn't attracting the online audience anymore, it is the right time to look at what a 3D virtual tour has to offer instead. 

 With an interactive 3D virtual tour, you can conveniently take your campus touring process to the web, allowing students to navigate through buildings and across campus by simply controlling a personalized avatar on their computers. Students also get the opportunity to interact with their tour guide, ask him questions, and get real-time answers. 

Furthermore, some virtual tours enable students to go through the enrollment process and play games to gather more information about the school. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of what 3D virtual tours are, you must learn how they can benefit your school.

Take a look at the top three ways below how a virtual tour can help you attract new students. 


1. Prospective Students Devote a Significant Portion of their Time Online

 We all know that college-age students love interacting online. Hence, when they are looking for a school, they directly turn to the internet, and it is always the online presence of the school that makes or breaks their decision of entering the school.

 In fact, a report presented by E-Expectations shows that 65 percent of students are more interested in a school after having a positive web experience with them.

3D immersive campus tours are an excellent way to give students that positive experience. The same report demonstrated that around 54 percent of students identified virtual tours as adding extra value to their online experience, further helping them to make the right choice. 


2. You'll Be Able to Boast Your School's Technological Leadership

 What better way to show off the school's cutting-edge technology than by indulging future students in a 3D virtual world? Today, students are highly tech-savvy, and they can easily make out whether or not a college is technologically advanced by simply visiting their website. By incorporating a 3D virtual tour on your website, you can create a positive first impression on students and assist them with every little detail about the school and the admissions process.

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3. You Will Finally Have a Chance to Attract Distant Prospects 

 When you understand the advantages of interactive tours of your campus, recruitment opportunities drastically expand. With the help of a 3D virtual tour, students who live far away and cannot visit the school campus in person can view it online and even speak with admissions representatives from their home's comfort. They will be able to visit your campus without having to pay for hotel rooms, flights, and other travel costs. This is a great benefit that any budget-conscious student would enjoy.



Virtual tours are an excellent way to take potential students and their parents around the school campus and help them decide whether or not they should apply or attend your school. If your school or university needs a 3D virtual tour in Singapore, please contact us. We would be delighted to create an immersive virtual tour for your school that sets it apart from your competition.