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THE RED MARKER 最初是一家專為新加坡在地企業提供 Google 地圖服務的公司。自 2014 年起,我們已經至少幫助 5,000 家企業在 Google 街景服務(Street View)上建立美麗的虛擬導覽。這些場所包括餐廳、旅館、國際學校、零售空間、展示廳等等。


從創立開始,我們持續擴展以提供更多 360 度 & 3D 虛擬導覽的服務,包括互動式 360 度虛擬導覽、環景 3D 掃描、3D 渲染、3D 建模等等。現在,我們的服務區域已跨越亞太地區,在馬來西亞、泰國、越南、澳洲等地皆有業務往來。

Trusted logo + theredmarker
Trusted logo + theredmarker

THE RED MARKER started off as an agency specialised in Google Maps services for local businesses in Singapore. Since 2014, we have helped at least 5,000 businesses to create beautiful virtual tours on Google Street View. These venues include restaurants, hotels, international schools, retail spaces and more.

We have now expanded to more digital services and worked with partners across SE Asia to provide Maps services on Google. Now, our work spread across SE Asia cities, including Singapore, Johor Bahru and Bangkok.



每個人都想要獲得最好的,但是最好的可能需要花一大筆錢。透過高效率的流程,我們能夠為所有預算範圍提供合理價格,同時提供最高 CP 值的服務!




我們的團隊是開先河者,早在 Google 於 2013 年首度將 Google 街景服務引進新加坡時即加入項目。(請放心,我們了解我們的東西!)從我們的攝影團隊中進行挑選。每位攝影師都擁有超過 10 年的經驗,而且他們總共經歷了超過 4,000 趟虛擬導覽!

Why Choose Us?

We're worth it

Everyone wants the best and the best could cost you. By being efficient with our processes, we keep prices affordable for all budget ranges while providing the best value for your dollar spent!


'Perfectionists' often get a bad name. We however, pride ourselves upon being such perfectionists. We are not done with you till every picture, every virtual tour, every listing is absolutely on point.


Our team consists pioneers who started out when Google first brought Google StreetView to Singapore in 2013. (Rest assured, we know our stuff!)
Take your pick from our team of photographers. Each with over 10 years of experience and over 4000 virtual tours done between them!